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Christopher McAndrew


Chris is the President of Systems Plus Computers, Inc and is one of the original 3 that founded the company in 1988. Being the sole owner and leader of the company, Chris brings many fine qualities that assist in customers’ daily needs. Chris has an extensive background in Service and supports the Service Technicians with his knowledge and expertise. Chris is a hands-on President and is willing to work with all his employees to make Systems Plus a great place to work. Chris also enjoys being the BBQ Master for the company luncheons.

Donna Farrell

Financial Operations/HR Manager

Donna has worked with Chris McAndrew for over 33 years at Systems Plus as the Financials Operations Manager. She is also the HR Manager of the company and assists the Network Engineers with scheduling for the Business Services Division of the company. Having been working here for many years, Donna assists in many different aspects of the company.


Robert Weiger

General Manager

“Bob” has been here since 1999 and is now the General Manager. He is responsible for the day to day running of the retail store and inventory control. He has been in Retail since 1977 and selling Apple since 1985. He has worn many hats over the years including sales, service, and management.  Most of his enjoyment is from interacting with our customers.

CJ Hartson

Senior Systems Engineer

CJ holds the position of Senior Network Engineer and directs the Business Services Division. CJ helps plan, design, and implement many of our Network projects from start to finish. His expertise in monitoring and maintaining network infrastructure is of the upmost importance to our Business Customers that include Security, AV protection, backup solutions and many other needs to make your business run efficiently. CJ holds his Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and has numerous certifications in Microsoft Products that include Office 365, Microsoft Server and other Cloud Solutions including advanced networking.

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Kevin Anderson

Systems Engineer

Since 2007, Kevin has helped with Apple Network related projects. Kevin now works on a part time basis and holds numerous Apple Certifications.

Josh Birch

Systems Engineer

The newest member of the Systems Plus Business Service Department.  Josh has specialized in the development and maintenance of systems and networking equipment for businesses over 10 years.  Josh has planned and worked through large projects for various customers and holds different certifications.


Steven Board

Service Technician

Steve has worked as our Lead PC service technician since 2004. His expertise in network and internet wiring is an essential part of the business that Steve is a pro at. His experience of PC’s, Printers and internet trouble shooting, diagnosing, and resolving issues is essential to our retail and business customer’s needs. Steve is A+ Certified and holds Lenovo Computer certifications. Steve is a retired Veteran who has served in the US Air Force for our country.

Aaron McIntyre

Senior Apple Technician

Aaron is our Senior Apple Certified Technician who has previously worked at Apple. Aaron is trained and knowledgeable with all Apple hardware, software, and data recoveries. He has been here working with customers since 2018 and holds numerous Apple Certifications.

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Tucker Moore

Sales/Service Technician

Tucker holds numerous positions also here at Systems Plus. His knowledge with the sales of Apple and PC’s, has also moved him into the service department as a PC Technician. He is now studying for other PC certifications with our ongoing educational programs.

Matthew Pierson

Apple Technician

Having been with the company since 2013, Matthew started out as a delivery driver and part time salesperson. After becoming a Certified Apple Products Specialist, he then moved into a full-time sales position and has been assisting customers at the front counter for many years. Matthew has studied diligently to become an Apple Certified Technician and now he can apply his technical knowledge to hardware and software diagnostics. Matthew is also continuing educational training courses in other Apple certifications.

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Susan Richardson

Service Coordinator

Sue has held the position of Service Coordinator since 2014 and keeps the technicians on schedule. Her experience in multi-tasking and assigning customer appointments for Apple and PC’s, requires her proficient expertise. Sue’s knowledge of warranty hardware is also essential to our customers hardware technical requirements.

Caitlyn Weiger

Sales/Apple Technician

Caitlyn recently returned to Systems Plus in July of 2021 to assist in our sales department.  Caitlyn will be doing some of the 1 on 1 training sessions with individual customers.  She is a fully certified Apple technician.

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Systems Plus Computers, Inc.