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Network Administration

With Network Administration, we build the solution that works for you, providing accountability and basic information management for your organization. From your IT Department needing relief support in a major migration, through being your IT Department on retainer,  we can provide any solution your business is looking for in the realm of IT.

The Managed Advantage

With managed services, our approach provides the first step for a growing organization’s IT needs. Your anti-virus software and backups are monitored by a real human, every day.  You will be notified the moment we notice something is wrong, meaning that problems within your organization will not linger until they impact the bottom line.  With a Service Level that you define,  you will always know when help is coming for your computer support needs.

AV Defender

With our Managed AV platform you will get a full report on what’s going on with your anti-virus environment.

Solarwinds Management Suite

Available at your request, we can provide you access to an SD-WAN service designed to simplify management of your IT assets. This is the same suite used by us within our Full Service contract, made available to your IT department for your own internal use.

System Admins

Need work done on a server? We’ve got you covered – with experience migrating legacy Exchange platforms through supporting the latest and greatest SD-WAN technologies like Office 365 integrations with Azure AD, we can handle your project or help you save a legacy server.

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