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PlusCare Services will include Apple OSX and security updates, common software updates(Flash, Office, Java, Firefox, Chrome-etc). Removal of harmful viruses and malware and health checks on OS 10.5 and up with full disks scans and reports to keep you informed of the status of your Mac.  Ask for a free trial!

Plus Care Services Include

• Apple Operating system and security updates
• Common software updates (Flash, Office, Java, Firefox etc.)
• Removal of harmful viruses and malware on OS 10.5 and up and full disk scans (when possible)
Health checks to ensure consistent, long-term performance:

✔ Laptop battery for consistency/longevity
✔ Hard drive health and apply permission repair
✔ Memory testing and report errors
✔ Directory structure testing and repair
✔ External hard drive death

System and user cache backup and purge
• Reports that initiate proactive notification:

✔ Client status
✔ Disk errors (I/O)
✔ # of kernel panics (bad OS X crashes)
✔ POST (hardware) errors
✔ RAM (hardware) errors
✔ SMART (disk) errors
✔ Time Machine backups



How Does PlusCare Work?

PlusCare runs many processes in the background while you are working without slowing down your computer. Other processes run while you are logged off.

Regular updates and maintenance are necessary to keep your Mac consistently working, but they’re also tedious and time-consuming.

These Are Frustrating!